A dancer characterized by supple and graceful body movements, Madhusmita’s expressions and footwork synchronize to create an aesthecally gratifying experience. Initiated into dance at the tender age of six, she became an accomplished dancer under Orissa Dance Academy, and is now a senior teacher and Assistant Director of the institution. She has performed at the Orissa Society of Americas Convention, USA and has also been to Thailand, China, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Croatia, England and other European countries. Along with her husband Shri Ramesh Chandra Jena, she received great laurels during her tour to Paris.

Madhusmita is a recipient of Senior National Scholarship, the Sringarmani title from Soor Sringar Samsad, Mumbai , Deba Prasad Dash Memorial Fellowship 1997-98 and an empanelled artiste of ICCR.  She is also the recipient of the Bismillah Khan Award in the year 2008.